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Your life is in your hands

[psi] book

psi book
Novak Djokovic: “It’s incredible, one of the best books I have ever read!”

Slovenian bestseller now available in English


[psi] is a new understanding of our minds, and thus opens up a whole new insights into the worlds of our thoughts, attitudes and decisions. Since life depends on thinking, [psi] won’t be just a book for you but knowledge which you can’t afford not to have.


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Your life is in your hands!


Who the Book is Intended for

[psi] opens up to anyone that wants to understand the background of his or her life. What’s interesting is that everyone understands it a bit differently. Rest assured that you won’t simply lay this book down on a pile with all the others. Because [psi] is nothing but the naked truth.

It’s remarkable how quickly and deeply the book has affected completely different readers. Here you can read what those who’ve already read it think about it.


[psi] community

  • 90.2% of 214 readers believe [psi] can bring love back to humanity.
  • Average reader buys 3.2 books.

When was the last time you’ve read a book and just wanted more … and more … and moooore? Not of the story but of the very content.
[psi] is really something special. I’ve never read nor heard anything like it, let alone experienced. We read this book several times; we read it 2x, 3x, 10x – last year I even heard about a women reading it 56x! And as if none of these readings were enough, we also read Eros’ explanations and notes. We really are [psi]chos.

Join us and enjoy yourself on the [psi] book blog!

“Spending time with Eros is a truly engaging and exciting adventure. I’ve found many practical things in [psi]: the thoroughly useful understanding of the mind using REI (absolutely amazing!), the explanation of the difference between “doing it” and “making love,” an example of a much more perfect social system, an excellent tool for a successful conversation, and a new awareness that it’s worth working on oneself and striving for Love. And all this just at the first reading …”
– Masa Siftar de Arzu, a diplomat working in Washington, DC

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