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Your life is in your hands

About [psi] book blog

If you find yourself on this blog, you`re probably a [psi]cho (read: a person enthusiastic about the book [psi]) or just curious.

However, welcome!

[psi] blog is intended primarily for readers of the book [psi] – that means, those who already know the content of the book. All others are, of course, also welcome, but I can`t assure you that you will fully understand everything that Eros is writing about. [psi]chos  and Eros are using some of the terms that are specific to the book, for example: worlds, scenery, Life, acceptance, REI, Reason, Emotion, Instinct and more. Basic knowledge of the theory REI is especially important, because without it you can get at some places a completely wrong idea about the written. However, we recomend to the curious and random visitors to:

Buy book [psi] Read [psi] book sample Read [psi] blog

For all others, who like the book [psi] more or less (or very) ;), [psi] blog is a real treasury of signposts  to happiness and instructions for acceptance of yourself and others. Here`s where you can find many of the additional explanations of Eros, and notes on the book [psi], selected from a variety of talks and discussions. Especially valuable are the ones that are no longer available anywhere on the web. We opened this blog, to share them with everybody who wishes to learn much more than it`s written in the book itself.

Since we are adding the new interpretations to the blog when we have time, the posts are irregular and for you completely randomly (or might not). Therefore, you`ve got the option to subscribe to the notifications that you`ll be getting to your e-mail as soon as we post on the blog a new interpretation or other contributions associated with the book [psi] … you only have to fill out this form [click].

By the way, let us also remind you that it`s not us who is writing this blog, we are only editing, managing and developping it. All  the text, which you can find in the categories are from Eros – which means, from the writer of the book [psi] personally.

So the page is created by:

  • Masa Crnkovic: founder and editor of the blog… student of the social informatics, researcher, analyst, salsa dancer, a blogger and [psi]cho
  • Maja Dolsak: Bachelor of Science in Economics, works in digital marketing, travel enthusiast, dancer, mad about sun, chocholate, good food and good beer :), [psi]cho
  • Eros: writer of the book [psi] and the author of explanations on the blog – although he writes them for us on the Facebook

Every single reader of the book [psi] is invited to the co-creation of this blog … you can write an e-mail on where you can send everything associated with [psi]: interpretations of Eros you once have saved, quotations from the book you care about, your opinion on the book or other impressions and thoughts.

We hope that you will enjoy reading as much as we enjoy doing this for you,

Masa & Maja