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"Verjameva, da lahko vsak pomaga svetu vrniti ljubezen. A če želiš razumeti ljubezen, moraš najprej razumeti sebe, zato želiva z vami deliti znanje zapisano v knjigi [psi]. Na tem blogu boste našli vse Erosove dodatne razlage, ki vam bodo pomagale bolje razumeti knjigo, psihološko teorijo REI in - najpomembneje - sebe ter druge ljudi." - Maša in Maja

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Truths about sex

Posted by on 21 Apr, 2014 in Love and Sex

The article is part of the explanation of the 6th world from the [psi] book web page, which can be accessed only with code from the book. In this explanation you will find a slightly different view of sexuality and reasons behind problems afflicting modern men today. Definitely worth reading … Let us list a few topics that Eros covers:

  • sexual prejudice, being “modern invention”
  • reasons for erectile dysfunction
  • why are lesbians more socially acceptable than gay men
  • why can’t you reach orgasm
  • what are the reasons behind the “unnatural” sexual behavior
  • problems of premature ejaculation the secret of the “great lovers”
  • why certain people desire getting the perfect body
  • why some people have a constant need for sex
  • why is sexual intercourse with the same sex natural
  • what is the charm of group showering after sports

In the end you will most likely realize, that there are even greater pleasures in sex, than you have known until now… only if you won’t get scared of the truth.

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True love is the crown of everything

Posted by on 22 Mar, 2014 in Love and Sex

Eros: The book that will return love to humanity! This is meant in a wider sense, love is not necessarily a relationship between two people who are in a partnership … true love can also be in relationships such as: parents – children, brothers – sisters, friends … the difference is, that in those, it is not about intimate relations. Love can also be the acceptance of something different in our lives, not necessary »another person« … love for nature, for animals … nonetheless it is correct, that true love between two partners is the crown of everything, and the one who  succeeds in finding it, can be extraordinary happy. Which, on the other hand, does not imply, that he who does not know true love, cannot be happy. As stated above, the possibilities are many.

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