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Your life is in your hands

True love is the crown of everything

Eros: The book that will return love to humanity! This is meant in a wider sense, love is not necessarily a relationship between two people who are in a partnership … true love can also be in relationships such as: parents – children, brothers – sisters, friends … the difference is, that in those, it is not about intimate relations. Love can also be the acceptance of something different in our lives, not necessary »another person« … love for nature, for animals … nonetheless it is correct, that true love between two partners is the crown of everything, and the one who  succeeds in finding it, can be extraordinary happy. Which, on the other hand, does not imply, that he who does not know true love, cannot be happy. As stated above, the possibilities are many.

Another thing, you cannot neglect is the possibility, that two people, who live in a partnership without true love, can discover it over time … that means even after many years of weariness of each other.  If they both have the same wish, they can strive together to discover acceptance in their worlds, which can bring them much closer! Such a relationship can also transfer into true love … it is true though, that this requires the willingness of both of the partners.

In principle, the advice regarding relationships is that as long as somebody is happy »enough« on the path he is walking on, there is no reason to follow another. To think that another path could bring greater happiness, and is therefore worth following, can be misguided, already because we do not meet our partner coincidentally as it may seem. Only if a person in a relationship is unbearable unhappy, he is forced to take another path. This does not necessary apply that he/she should split up with his/her current partner, for in case the problem lies in his and not his partners world, he will actually come from bad to worse and that needs to be taken in consideration. Especially, because we have a tendency to neglect our own part of the blame and believe, that the reason for our happiness and unhappiness always and only lies in other people.